Our Mission

findera’s purpose is to help business professionals be successful. Many professional endeavors start with finding the right companies and the right people. Our goal is to help you create and nurture mutually beneficial professional relationships.

What is findera?

Professional search made easy, fast, and free.

findera is a new search engine for business professionals, designed to save you time and money. Cutting through the noise of social networks, findera makes it easy to find the companies and people that matter the most to you.

With powerful filters, you can comb through approximately 140 million business professionals to identify the best matches for your purposes. Once you have found what or whom you’re looking for, you may export your findings at the click of a button.

And if you have jobs to fill, you can post your jobs for free, create an email template matching your job openings, share links to your job posts via any channel you may use, and email your job posts directly to people from within your search results and lists.

findera is built to work on computers, laptops and smartphones, so you can find what you need anywhere and anytime.

findera is a service of Yozio Inc, headquartered in San Francisco, California. We’re drawing from our past experience at Microsoft, Netflix, Visa, Yahoo and elsewhere to create the professional search engine we’ve always wanted.

For more information, please read the FAQ.

We would love to hear your feedback. Please email us your thoughts and suggestions at team@findera.com.


How does findera work?

findera is a search engine. Yet, it differs from existing search engines in three majors ways:

  1. It is designed to find professional people and companies.
  2. It understands the relationships between people and companies, which make it easy to expand or refine your searches as needed.
  3. It provides more useful results such as personalized lists that you can export and share with others.

For example, you can use the filters to search for “VP of Human Resources” at companies in the Telecommunications industry, with 50 employees or more, findera returns a list of people at companies that match these criteria. You can export that list and share it with the people you work with. In fact, you can create as many lists as you want and export them as CSV files, which makes it easy to use in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other tools.

findera is brand new. Please consider this beta version as the foundation of great things to come. If you find that it’s missing data, or filters that matter to you, please do tell us at team@findera.com. This way, we can make sure that your needs are included in our to-do-list.

Who is it for?

findera is designed for business professionals including: recruiters, business owners, business development and sales professionals, consultants, and people who do market research.

Why create an account with findera?

You can use findera without creating an account. Yet, a findera account allows you to do more including: accessing some people’s contact information, customizing the way information is displayed, creating and exporting lists, and seeing your direct and indirect relationships with other people and companies. To create an account, you must login with your Google or Microsoft account. This is necessary for authentication purposes.

Is findera really free?

Yes, findera is free for individual professionals.

Most providers of business information require a costly subscription. We believe that information should be freely available to individual business professionals. In the future, we may make money by providing enhanced services for organizations, such as sponsored job posts.

Where does the data come from?

We search tens of millions of sites, news sources and documents on the Internet to gather public information. We also acquire databases which are sometimes used by the sales and marketing departments of large enterprises. We analyze, process and validate this public information to remove incorrect, duplicate, and stale data.

Additionally, if you chose to create an account with findera and sign-in using a Google or Microsoft account, we may use some of your contacts information, or email and calendar metadata to deliver advanced benefits. These benefits include the ability to see who has viewed your profile, filter results based on the people you know, and view common contacts between you and a person you may not know yet. Over time, findera can remember your preferences and help you maintain the desired frequency of communications or meetings with your most important business relationships.

What filters are available?

With findera, you can search for people among approximately 140M business professionals, by name, position, department, company name (present or past), time at company, time in positive, as well as characteristics of the person’s company (industry, revenue, number of employees, funding, etc…).

We will be adding more filters over time. Please tell us about your needs at team@findera.com.

What if I see incorrect information?

You may report issues with information on the website itself. You may also email us at correction@findera.com from your work email (so we know who you are) with a link to the page and the information that need correction. Thank you.

Can I update or change the information in my profile?

You can update your profile in the Account Settings page on the website itself. If you wish to remove your profile altogether, please email us correction@findera.com from your work email (so we know who you are) with a link to your profile page.

Why are exported lists limited to 1,000 records?

findera is designed for individual professionals. We’ve heard from most people that lists of 1,000 companies or people are more than enough for their professional needs. If you’d like more, we’d love to understand your needs. Please contact us at team@findera.com.

Does findera work on mobile?

Yes, we design and test our service on smartphones, including Apple’s smallest iPhone (the iPhone SE which features a 4 inch screen).